Making books for me is one of the favorite format of work. It’s a way to preserve something important, a mold of the trinity: time, place and action. Whether it’s your fortune, your family story, brand story, recipe book. It’s like a film, but different. You can touch it, hold it in your hands, you can give it to a loved one, smell the paper, hear the rustling of pages and slow down the passage of time.

It’s all started in 2012, when my friends and I created a magazine about photography. We interviewed different people, collected stories, explored different views. Later, in 2014, I started my personal project, which became a printed book. Now I continue to collect stories into books, but for other people.

That book can keep your personality and will be passed down through the generations. Five, ten, or fifty years later, you can open it and see how many things have changed, and maybe something have remained the same.

How does it work? You share your story with me, and my team and I choose a visual style, organize filming, record interviews, collect all the material into an integral project of your personal book. That printed object will live and play its unique role.