Food is more than it seems, first of all it’s always a story of people. And food styling is a great tool for writing this story.

That’s what I keep in mind working on food styling for shoots. Food is at least a few-times-per-day activity we are into. So, why not to make it special, meaningful and creative. Think out of the box, find the big idea, create an interesting solution for the style. Share your philosophy and vision with the customers through the visual content, make them see you, read your message. 

The preparation process is an important part of the shoot itself. At this stage the style is created and developed, the references are collected, the props and the background are chosen. This is where most of the visual decisions are made for shooting. And anything can become an inspiration and guideline for such a process – travel notes, books, movies, fashion shows, lectures, and, of course, the brand’s strategy.