“Everyone has their own table in the corner”, — this phrase very accurately conveys the atmosphere of the project, it’s about keeping the focus on yourself, spending some time with yourself and for yourself. We are all different, somewhat similar, but each has its own story. And over time, we all change internally and externally. We make mistakes, we lose loved ones, we take risks, sometimes we win, we meet important people, we lose hope and find it again, but in a different way. “Stolik” is a small interview book with pictures of you. To remember and save something important about yourself.

“Stolik” is an opportunity to create “an essence” of a person’s state in the current moment, to save something personal, your thoughts and stories through the conversation. And five years later, open up a little book in a notebook format with your interview and recall what mattered and see who you were at that very moment. What you looked like, what were your thoughts, what you dreamed about. How you have changed.

How it works: we meet with you and just talk. I ask questions — how I feel, you answer — how you feel. I record your answers, I make your portraits. When you are thoughtful, when you are glowing, smiling or sad. All these emotions are important, they are part of the bigger picture. From the collected material, I am putting together a book in the format of a notebook, which will contain your pictures, interviews and some space for future notes if you want to add something.

“We talk. Talk, more than any other trait, expresses our humanity. Human relationships are in essence long, long talks into, around, through, and out of the entanglements that stress or bless our days.”

Robert McKee, “Dialogue: The Art of Verbal Action for Page, Stage, and Screen”